What’s Taking So Long?

No matter when you read this, it’s clear that we (I) missed the Opening Day target for the new Seasons feature. What’s taking so long?

The good news is that seasons are really cool and the user interface for both players and teams/leagues lets you see as much or as little as you want (thanks to a new preferences section in the Settings tab.) Navigating to team statistics and player season vs. career stats will be much more straightforward than the previous design — which hasn’t been enabled yet, of course (by the All-Star break?)

The other good news is that I want to make sure that none of the thousands of users loses data in the transition.

The bad news is that internal testing against real-world data sets has found corruption and bogus info from some of the earlier versions of the app — and the users who need Seasons the most are the ones most likely to stumble on these issues. So we’re cleaning up problems as we find them, but for users with lots of players, it locks up the UI for quite a few seconds.

If the UI is unresponsive for too long at start up, iOS kills the app. What’s taking so long? Oops.

And since the new season has begun, a path is needed to create a 2016 season from, um, games already played in 2016.

More UI changes on the way and more testing needed. If you’d like to be a beta tester, email a request from the “Send Feedback” link in the Settings tab.

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