Baseball Hack Day

Home Field ScorebooK was represented at 2016 Baseball Hack Day in Boston on Saturday, March 19. My first time attending a hackathon! I decided to do a rough implementation of downloaded rosters (#2 on the list of user requests) using a couple different data sources. There were not a lot of iOS developers available, so I took on the project myself.

I called it “Road Trip ScorebooK” as a pun on Home Field ScorebooK and to focus on the use case of filling in rosters for a team that you’ve never played before (plus it gave me a chance to use a scene from one of the two greatest baseball-themed movies — both starring Kevin Costner and neither really about baseball* — as the project image and icon.

Here is the Devpost project page for Road Trip ScorebooK and the rest of the 2016 Baseball Hack Day projects.

Many thanks to all of the organizers, especially Daigo Fujiwara for talking me through what to expect. Shout outs to Patrick Rills, David and Josh from Stattleship, Sam Agnew from Twilio, and the guys from MLBAM for technical and business advice.

*The third baseball-themed movie starring Kevin Costner is really about baseball and isn’t very good.

2016 Baseball Hack Day logo

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