On Uniform Numbers

We recently got feedback from a new user about adding new players to a team (or an entire roster) to join several past questions about how long it takes in Home Field ScorebooK: select an existing player or add a new player (or not) and type their uniform number (or not) — at each step, tapping Save or Done.

There are two reasons for the extra Save tap: it actually makes it easier to add a numbered player for an opposing team when you don’t have access to the lineup, and it allows the same player to have a different uniform number on different teams. (Most other scorekeeping apps don’t allow that.) Both of these features are helpful for parents and fans of players in youth leagues.

We’re not going to argue that it can be done more efficiently, and so we will be making a few changes to the user interface. One will be to put player selection (or creation) and uniform number selection on the same detail screen. The other will be to add an optional default uniform number when you create a new player. With these changes in place, you will be able to add multiple players to a roster the same way that you can add multiple teams to a league today in the app.

The bad news: it’s clumsy but it works, so there are other features that take higher priority for the next major release. Expect the “UI cleanup” release about 4-6 weeks after MLB Opening Day

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