Seasons Change

Home Field ScorebooK is getting smarter this year. In addition to knowing about ballparks (based on location) and how many innings and players on the field (based on game rules), the app will soon know about seasons.

Why seasons? As folks use the app year after year, the screens fill with players, teams and even leagues that aren’t active anymore. We think it’s a good idea to keep them around for comprehensive stats [coming soon, we promise!] — and that’s why it’s currently not possible to delete them — but we understand that you may not want to see them all of the time.

Starting in version 2016.1.0: games, players, teams and leagues will all belong to a season. You will be able to define the starting and ending dates so that new games will automatically be assigned to the correct season. From each of the tabs, you will be able to choose between “Show All” and “Show Current”. The info screen for each individual player, team or league will let you select which seasons to view — whether current or not.

If you started scoring with the app last year or earlier [and if so, thanks, and please leave a review in the App Store!] the first launch of the new version will automatically create seasons for existing games, and you will be prompted to create a new season when you add a game or edit the details of a team or league. By default, all existing seasons will be treated as current — simply go to the Settings tab where there will be a new preference to turn off past seasons.

We are currently working out the user interface to “do the right thing” in as many cases as possible to reduce the taps needed to migrate to a new season — let us know if you want to be a beta tester.

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