Pitchers and Catchers Report

When the newspapers start running articles about pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training, you can bet that work is underway for a new major release to Home Field ScorebooK. This year is no different in that respect — what is new for 2016 is how I’m going to talk about it.

Since the app was launched in 2013, and even for several years before that, there has been a hardcore group of beta testers and power users that have been in the loop for upcoming changes. Some have been there since the beginning (Hi Cathy!) and some have gone above and beyond with bug reports and feature requests (Hi David!)

The idea of the blog is to open up the conversation to more users and to create discussion. Home Field ScorebooK has been downloaded thousands of times and is already ahead of last year’s pace as we go into spring training. A mailing list is no longer sufficient to get the word out!

I hope you enjoy this blog.

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